Programs & Pricing

Program Term Fees (10weeks)
Club Membership $20/term
Hotshots Blue $150/term
Hotshots Orange, & Green lessonsJunior & Teen Lessons $220/term
School Coaching & Hotshots Red $170/term
Adult Group Coaching (1hr) $220/term
Cardio Tennis $180/term$20/week – Casual
30mins Private Coaching (Max 2 persons) $470/term                                      ($235 p.p. if 2 shared the lesson)
60mins Private Coaching (Max 2 persons) $870/term ($435/person if 2 shared the lesson)
60 min Private Squad (Max 4 persons) $1200/term (i.e. $300/person if 4 shared the lesson)
Hotshots Squads (1hr) $290/term (1 session/week)
Ferny Squad (1hr) Starting from $290/term (1 session/week)
Pure Elite Squad (1.5hr)Includes 1x fitness session $595/term (2 sessions/week)$795/term (3 sessions/week)

$895/term (4 sessions/week)

Hotshots Fixtures (2nd program) $150/term
Hotshots Fixtures (only program) $170/term
**** Discounts do apply for Customers in 3 or more programs****