Hot Shots Squads

Modified Squads are for the committed junior wanting to get the best start possible to their tennis development from as young as 7yrs of age.

Focuses on “thinking on the court” and learning the basic patterns of play that will hold them in good stead when participating in fixtures & tournaments.

Mini Tennis Orange Squad

To participate, you must be playing fixtures at a Hotshots Orange level. This is practical and drill based training for players wanting to learn:

  • What shots to hit in match conditions
  • good training habits
  • game plans
  • tennis warm up drills before a match
  • tennis specific footwork and fitness
  • how to prepare for tournaments
  • 1 hour program
  • Average 4 pupils per court
  • 10 week term

Mini Tennis Green Squad

To participate in these squads, you must be playing fixtures at a Hotshots Green level. Allows for game strategies in all situations through tactical and drills based training for players in fixtures wanting to improve:

  • Shot selection
  • Training habits
  • Planning strategies prior to each match
  • Pre and Post match drills
  • Footwork and fitness drills
  • Tournament preparation
  • 1 hour program
  • Average 4 pupils per court
  • 10 week term

JDS Squad

Our JDS Squads are a 2hr squad focused on developing the specific skills juniors require to be prepared for tournaments. Drills will focus on developing the technical and tactical components of tournament play, including emphasis on fitness, footwork and strokes as well as offensive and defensive strategies.

We offer the JDS Squads 2 times a week which allows our players plenty of options and days to train. All of our players who train more than once a week are also included in our Tournament Touring Group who attend per-selected tournaments throughout the year together with one of our coaches who give advice, support & feedback to each player.

Gold Squad

Gold Squads are a 2hr session which is step up from the St Hilda's Development Squad and with participation based on a strict selection criteria Gold Squads are designed to assist regular tournament players to become a more complete and individual player. Execution of learned skills is refined under a variety of competitive pressures. Individual game styles, winning plays and physical development are prioritised. Players are encouraged to set short, medium and long term goals and are given programs to make sure these goals remain on track.

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